Copay Health Insurance


We Can Guide You in Selecting Copay Health Insurance You Can Afford.


A UnitedHealthOneSM copay plan can help you to better budget for your family’s health care. When you or a family member has an office visit at a network provider, you’ll pay a $35 copayment and we’ll pay 100% of any remaining history and exam fees.



Health Insurance

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A copay plan is similar to many employer plans with a set copay for routine health care expenses.


Who might benefit most from a copay health insurance plan?


•Anyone who prefers the ease of copay benefits for minor or routine health care expenses.

•Families with young children who have regular doctor office visits.

•Anyone who visits the doctor often.


Copay Insurance Plans


Copay SelectSM


• Higher premium and lower out-of-pocket costs.

• Wide range of deductibles available.

• Choice of coinsurance out-of-pocket maximum $0, $3,000, or $5,000

(per person, per calendar year, after deductible).

• Four-tier prescription drug copay plan.

• If you choose to use a doctor within our network for an office visit, we pay 100% of history and exam fees after a $35 copay.


Specialty Plans


Critical Illness Insurance


Help Protect Your Recovery


Are your finances ready if a critical illness should strike?


Lost income ought to be the least of your worries when you suffer serious illness or injury. Instead, your sole priority should be a speedy recovery. But the unfortunate reality is that your monthly bills must be paid, even if you’re unable to work.

Short Term Health Insurance


Helping Fill in the Gaps for Individuals and Families with Temporary Health Insurance


Term Life Benefit


Optional Term Life Benefit1 — for Those You Care About


Most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about life insurance. However, it can make a big difference for the people you care about most.


To help you provide for your loved ones, we offer an optional Term Life benefit you can purchase with your health insurance.


Cover yourself and/or your spouse and choose the benefit levels that fit your needs.


Term Life Benefits: $50,000 $100,000 $150,000


Covered persons must be age 18 or older under the health plan. The Term Life benefit expires when a covered person reaches age 65.


Choices you want. Coverage you need.®

Dental Insurance


Your smile is the gateway to your overall health. Treat it well. Discover what dental coverage can do for you and your family, including in-network dental savings and dentist flexibility.


Taking care of your teeth doesn’t just help your smile. It’s good for your overall health, too. Because oral health is so important, we make it easy to pick a dental plan. Keep your smile healthy and happy with our plan benefits, including preventive care, basic services like filings, and major services such as root canals.



Choose from Two Options


• UnitedHealthcare Dental PremierSM is for people who prefer to keep their out-of-network dentist.

• UnitedHealthcare Dental ValueSM has the lowest premium of our dental plans and is for those who prefer to access a dentist from the nationwide UnitedHealthcare Dental Network.


With either plan, you can access an extensive dental network with nearly 210,000 dental providers nationally. Plus, you can take advantage of the following:

• We pay 80% for Basic Services, such as cavity fillings and simple (nonsurgical) extractions after the initial six-month waiting period is exhausted and the deductible is met.

• We pay 50% on Major Services like root canals and bridges after the initial 12-month waiting period is exhausted and the deductible is met.